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Run your Dryer on Free Energy – Easy $$ Savings

Run your Dryer on Free Energy – Easy $$ Savings


Photo from by DrChill

This has to be one of the coolest DIY projects I have done in a while. Who doesn’t like FREE energy

After reading this instuctable article, I knew I  needed to do this to my dryer and make use of the solar heater I made a few years ago. The project is relatively simple and after you have done it you will start saving on your electricity bill almost instantly.

This is not for gas dryers, so if you have a gas dryer please do not attempt to do this modification. Check out the full article and get all the pictures and instructions below:

Run your Dryer on Free Energy – Easy $$ Savings

How To Make A Solar Cooking Jar

How To Make A Solar Cooking Jar

With bonus Split Pea and Potato Soup Recipe

Photo from SHTF & Prepping Central

If you are a lone wolf or have a limited budget and a solar oven is to expensive or to bulky for a bug out, then I have a simple small solution that’s easy to make and easy to carry. THE SOLAR COOKING JAR. This is so easy to make a child could do this…. Cooks well and cooks a meal for 1 quick! Read on at the link below

How To Make A Solar Cooking Jar

How To Make a Penny Battery

How To Make a Penny Battery

See how to make a penny battery today and always have a quick source of power in an emergency. This 10 penny battery can produce around 6 volts To learn how watch the video below