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Prepping Is Not Once ‘N Done

Prepping Is Not Once ‘N Done


Graphic from Preparing for SHTF

This article by Preparing for SHTF speaks to the need for a flow with your prepping. Not just in food storage with the FIFO inventory method of first in first out, but with all the facets of being prepared. To continue reading on what maintaining your preps means see the titled link below

Prepping Is Not Once ‘N Done


8 Common Bug Out Bag Mistakes

8 Common Bug Out Bag Mistakes


Photo from Survival Weekly

Everyone has a different idea of what you should carry in your bug out bag. Honestly it is a very personal choice. The variants of what could be needed are uniquely personal to each individual, location, type of emergency, family size and individual health. However, there are common mistakes to the bulk of preppers, this article contains the 8 most common. Continue reading at the link below

8 Common Bug Out Bag Mistakes